GSO Test

Year 5


Welcome to Year 5

The staff working in Year 5 are Miss Doyle and Miss Cannon.

In year 5 we are looking forward to learning new skills in our maths lessons. We hope to solve tricky problems with the help of our classmates. We are also looking forward to learning about the Vikings. We want to know how they travelled, why Vikings came to Great Britain and if they were successful. We are also going to be learning French this year, and we will aim to use our new language as much as possible.

We are also very excited about taking part in the Prince William Award this year – each week we will work on key kills such perseverance, teamwork and resilience in our sessions and we will feed back to the rest of school about the things we have been learning.

Our target for this term is perseverance. This means that when we are finding our work a little bit tricky, we will not give up! We will ask our learning partners and the adults around us and carry on trying until we are successful. If we can all show Miss Doyle that we can persevere in our learning, we will be rewarded at the end of the half term with a pyjama party!