GSO Test

Reception Class 


Welcome to Reception Class.

Our Staff are Mrs. Cocking and Mrs. Gatley and Mrs Davies.

Our class mission statement is –

We are important

We are loved.

We are respected.

We are artists.

We are thinkers.

We are readers.

We are special.

We are amazing.

We are leaders.

We are explorers.

We are a friend.

We are Willowpark.

We are here.

We are the future.

Our curriculum is both teacher and child led so there will be lots of opportunities to learn. This term we will be looking at Ourselves and our families and settling in to school, celebrating birthdays. Then we will be learning about Space, lots of different types of animals, festivals, dinosaurs, the farm, the sea-side and pirates as well as lots of other topics.

Our targets for the term

We work really hard to collect our balls for the jars during our day. We earn these balls through our classroom skills. We always show 'Active Listening', we 'Teach and Support' our friends, we remember to show 'Job Done' when we've completed a task, we always try 'Everyone Engaged' during all our activities that we do including tidy up time, and we try to 'Explain and Elaborate' so everyone can understand. When our jar is full we then choose our own treat as a reward.