GSO Test


Welcome to Nursery

Our teachers are Mrs Moran, Mrs Davies, Mrs Mayes and Miss Flannery.


Welcome to the nursery class

I’m excited to be here

I have a fantastic feeling

That we’ll have such a wonderful year

I can paint, I can write, I can learn to count

There are so many things I can do

I can pretend to be a police officer

Or maybe a pirate too

I can stretch my fingers in dough disco

I can practise writing my name

I can learn to share and take turns

With my friends and during games

I can listen quietly to stories

And sing loudly my favourite rhymes

I can practise speaking in sentences

A well as being helpful, hardworking and kind

Oh it’s a brand new year, a brand new start

This is now my time…

To play, to learn, to try my best