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Curriculum Rationale and Vision

Willowpark Curriculum Aims

We have developed our curriculum model at Willowpark to ensure that we provide a high quality broad and rich curriculum, developing the whole child.

Through our curriculum approach, we will create children who are enthused and excited about their learning and will endeavour to fully involve those around them in their primary education ensuring that by working together every child will achieve success.

In line with our Academy Aims, the curriculum we deliver develops knowledge, understanding and behaviours for learning that mean children are both motivated and equipped with the skills and ability required to be successful in the future. We are determined to ensure that, despite working in a disadvantaged context (with 65% of Pupils identified as Pupil Premium) everyone will make good progress and Willowpark pupils will achieve at least as well as all other pupils, because they are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education. The curriculum we have developed will provide learning, opportunities and experiences that will equalize the life chances of our children. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning is at the heart of everything we do.

Willowpark Curriculum Intent

Focus on basic skills (communication, literacy and numeracy) is central in the teaching of all subjects so that we can effectively ‘catch up’ pupils quickly and address the achievement deficit evident on entry to school. We will secure success in the core subjects to guarantee better futures.

Breadth, depth and balance in an academic curriculum: The curriculum model is structured so that all elements of the National Curriculum are delivered progressively, building on prior learning, deepening knowledge that can then be applied using skills taught. Everything that happens in the Academy should be seen as a learning opportunity, taught, hidden and wider curriculum and will contribute to pupils academic, personal, social, moral, creative, physical and cultural development.

Building 'cultural capital' is crucial as it is this background knowledge of the world that children need to infer meaning from what they read. Development of understanding and use of vocabulary will help pupils to express themselves in a sophisticated, mature way.  

Development of social and emotional skills: Needed to succeed in Secondary education and on into the workplace.  We will create citizens who are able to contribute positively to their local community now and enable our students to make a positive difference to society in the future. Our children will learn about respect, responsibility and how to keep themselves and others safe. 

Opportunities and experiences: We will develop individual interests and abilities by providing learning opportunities and experiences that we believe every child should have irrespective of background. These opportunities and experiences will support pupils in identifying and developing their own interests and talents and ensure that they have knowledge and understanding of the wider world in and beyond their own locality. 



Curriculum Drivers

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Curriculum Implementation

Please see our curriculum pages for subject information, progression plans, curriculum overviews and plans for each key stage. Our Social Media pages shows our curriculum in action! Please check out our facebook, instagram and twitter pages.