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Our Learning Community Curriculum Drivers

As part of our commitment to working together as a learning community, we consulted children, parents, staff and governors in order to identify the drivers/specialisms that underpin our curriculum so that we can make sure that our curriculum offer meets the needs of our community and ensures that Willowpark children are well equipped to be healthy, confident, happy and successful citizens now and in the future.

As an Academy that serves an area of significant disadvantage it is essential that our chosen drivers support the removal of the challenges and barriers to learning faced by our local community.  


Enterprise education at Willowpark is designed to promote team work, problem solving, economic understanding, self confidence and widen learners experience of the wide variety of jobs and opportunities available in the world today.

Throughout the taught and wider curriculum we teach the values and skills of Enterprise through activities such as Careers Week, Take Over Day and fundraising projects throughout the year organised by groups such as our Academy Council. Every year group, parents and staff have opportunities throughout the year to participate in tasks such as business challenges, financial wellbeing and Prince William award delivered by local and national businesses and organisations.

Outdoor Learning

We use outdoor learning in our locality to develop  environmental awareness and understanding of the world, team work, resilience and provide children with the physical and mental benefits of learning outdoors. Social and Emotional mental health is a key area of need for some of our children. Spending time in the outdoors learning to appreciate nature whilst working alongside peers on activities linked to the curriculum being taught in the classroom is beneficial to learners wellbeing.

Mr Seville, our Forest Schools teacher,delivers after-school clubs including gardening in the grounds of Willowpark. Forest Schools lessons take place at Woodlands, our partner school where we have an extensive forest schools site which includes a campfire area, outdoor seating, den building and a pond that the children and working to develop. 


Creativity and appreciation of arts and music is important to us all at Willowpark. We prioritise the development of children's creativity and musicality and widen their cultural understanding through opportunities to perform, listen and attend concerts such as Young Voices and local professional and amateur musical experiences. 

Mr Cooper, our Music Teacher delivers curriculum music lessons and after school club choir.  Children are given plentiful opportunities to sing and learn to play a percussion instrument. 


Local health statistics evidence the importance of promotion of healthy lifestyles and development of knowledge of fitness for our pupils if they are to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the future. Team work, increased self control and self confidence are just a few benefits that involvement in sport provides. 

In addition to curriculum PE lessons delivered by class teachers and PE staff from Waterhead Academy, specialist coaches from Oldham Athletic support team sports at lunchtimes and after school. 

We aim to expose children to as wide a range of sports as possible, both competetive and non-competetive such as dance and cheer leading.